Ducatur Bounty Campaign

Bounty starts on March 20, 2018
Bounty ends when the ICO is over
The bounty pool accounts for 4% of the total number of DUC tokens issued. When the hard cap is reached the bounty pool will account for 280M of DUC tokens (628 ETH or $ 439K at the rate of $ 700 / ETH)
The token rate at the tokensale: 1 DUCAT = 0.000005 ETH (about 0.003 $)

Bounty pool is distributed as follows:

4% Total Supply 280,000,000
15% Bounty4Everyone 42,000,000
20% Bounty4Contributors 56,000,000
30% Community Growth 84,000,000
35% Developer Rewards 98,000,000

Bounty pool is distributed as follows:

Bounty subscription brought in new bounty participant 100

Daily Limit: You can collect 1000 Ducats for your activity every day

Since the project is primarily interested in the maximum distribution of tokens during the bounty, we reserve the right to create a new type of tasks, while maintaining the existing reward system. For example: to visit an online webinar, to provide a comment to the proposed case, etc. All participants will be informed in case of new assignments.