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What the unique solution does DUCATUR offer? DUCATUR and competitors

Blockchain Oracles are the key when it comes to real life use cases. This is one of the biggest hurdles to actual enterprise sector adoption of Blockchain technology. The cause of this is that  there are a small number of available solutions trying to bridge this gap and most of them lack of transparency and/or trustworthiness. Although some of them are on the right path, the likelihood is that probably none have hit the right target.

New level of Oracles technology

DUCATUR is one such project that aims to bring Oracles technology to a new level and make blockchain solutions more affordable and universal. DUCATUR isn’t the only player in this field, but it does not have to compete against others as it is being developed in a unique way.

Most of the other projects consist of entire Blockchains – turing-complete decentralised smart contract platforms that use oracles to build their own consensus mechanisms. This main oracle can also be queried from any smart contract in order to obtain data from the external world. Network nodes will be rewarded for “answering” with the truth. Who decides what’s the truth? Well, as in almost every publicly distributed blockchain, the majority. So, consensus says who’s a liar (by punish them) and who’s honest (by rewarding them).

The compatibility problem

Every company in the world could need the same main features from any blockchain-oracle set, but there are fundamental discrepancies between every solution on the market making some suitable for a number of companies and not so much for the others. That’s where Ducatur comes into play and solves the compatibility problem by building a Multichain Framework of Oracles (smart contracts that are able to interact with off-chain data) with a reputation system for data providers. For example Aeternity’s oracle is not a suitable solution for a company with a specific need found on a Blockchain smart contract platform like Ethereum.

DUCATUR offers a unique solution that supports a multichain Oracles network using the three most rapidly growing blockchains – Ether, NEO and EOS.

We are opening the door to allowing Businesses to get onto the blockchain ecosystem. DUCATUR offers a framework and the tools necessary to facilitate an easier transition to the Blockchain.

This demand for blockchain solutions will drive DUCATUR’s success into the future. Our vision is for DUCATUR to become the de-facto standard framework for MultiChain Oracles spanning a variety of industries including but not limited to Finance, pharmaceutical, transportation, ticketing, betting, real estate, insurance, manufacturing and the Supply Chain involving markets worth hundreds of trillions of dollars.

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