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Introducing the team – AtlasBlockchain, the first DUCATUR investor

Personality of Satoshi Nakamoto worries everyone involved in the cryptocurrency world. Every Ethereum holder knows the name of Vitalik Buterin. When choosing a cryptoconference we look through the list of speakers. This is important, because there are people standing behind every thought, idea, technology, and we want to create future together with the smartest of them.


Therefore, we run the “Introducing the team.” Get to know the people who make the DUCATUR world’s first framework for creating oracles.


The second interview was held with the founder of AtlasBlockchain Igor Shilovsky, the first investor of DUCATUR, who takes an active role in the life of the project. Read further about what AtlasBlockchain is doing, how Igor evaluates DUCATUR and what advantages of the project became crucial during investing.


Igor, hello! Tell us about Atlas Blockchain. What is the company’s activity? How long have you been into this? 

AtlasBlockchain is a community of people who are united by values and ideas related to blockchain and crypto world. Our community is there for two years already. We hold a large number of events and showings, where the projects present their ideas to investors and receive feedback. The mission of AtlasBlockchain is to unite the professionals such as investors, marketers, miners, traders, lawyers, financiers, managers, developers and many other people related to blockchain and crypto world. We want to be able to interact with each other, help create and develop new interesting projects and invest in them within our community.

How is the investment process going: do the projects approach you or do you find interesting projects yourself?

We use both of these options. There is an initial examination, which is conducted by AtlasBlockchain specialists: the project is evaluated by investor, marketing specialist, programmer, lawyer and business development manager. If the idea receives positive assessments, then the team can present its project at our events. Thus, we are working in the incubator-accelerator mode to attract investments at the early stages.

Name three main criteria by which you evaluate the project.

First of all, we consider investments in the early stages (pre-seed), and the key criteria are: Strong team; Interesting idea; Implementablity.


How did you get to know the founders of DUCATUR, what was the first impression?

At our developer’s event, I met Ivan Kocheshev – a very interesting, talented and successful developer. At that moment Ivan already showed that he was well versed in various blockchain systems. I was interested in his ideas on creating a decentralized court and a framework for oracle services. We also discussed these ideas in a video interview. It was Ivan who introduced me to the other members of the team, which is international. George – the ideological leader of the project – turned out to be no less talented person in the fields of business development, management and communication building (interview with George). Honestly, the team continues to amaze me with enthusiasm, which helps attracting more and more talented people.


What did DUCATUR interest you with and what, in your opinion, is the secret of its future success?

The project interested not only me, but also a number of our experts – this is already a positive signal. In the first place, of course, an interesting and unique idea is that such a framework is necessary for a business that wants to integrate the blockchain into its activities. There is no alternative market can provide. But the idea is nothing without a team that is able to realize what was conceived and make the project commercially successful. There is such a team at DUCATUR! As for the secret of future success – in my opinion, it lies in diligence with which we approach this innovative project.


Many projects are carried out by ICO nowadays. What makes DUCATUR more attractive for an investor than others?

Each investor makes his own decision. I will say only for myself and for the specialists of AtlasBlockchain. There is an issue with oracles, solutions are claimed to exist, but so far none have been fully implemented, and DUCATUR has already a prototype of its own right decision – that’s the first. The fact that the framework will be cross-platform and will allow companies to work in different lock-ups, gives the DUCATUR project a huge plus in the future – that’s the second. The team is very energetic – but to understand this, you need to know these people personally – that’s the third. Therefore, I very much wish potential investors to meet the DUCATUR team at one of the announced events – the guys are performing in different countries. I am sure that you will be able to find the nearest to you and see the possibilities these people possess.


Do you participate in the development of the project’s concept?

My AtlasBlockchain partners and I have competence in the field of blockchain and, of course, have given, give and will continue giving advice and recommendations on the development of the project. But we do not put too much emphasis on consultations: this is the case when a talented team realizes its potential by itself.

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