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Five Reasons why you should join DUCATUR right now

2018 is the year where Blockchain technology will experience rapid growth as a result of many companies beginning to implement it. Those ignoring this need to be on the blockchain be left behind as they will lack competitive advantage will rapidly become outdated and will lose customers as a consequence.


Now is the time to join the Blockchain world and DUCATUR  is willing to be your guide you through it. DUCATUR is the only unique framework of Oracles that can be used to give your smart-contracts easy access to any off-chain world information. In addition, our framework makes any dispute resolution fast, cheap and fair with the help of a two-level rating system. As a result, you will be able to quickly adapt your business to the blockchain world whether it is engaged in finance, healthcare, shipping, manufacturing or work within the freelance marketplace and etc. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here are some very good reasons to join usand take part in this boom :


  • Price. Firstly, the price of our DUCAT Tokens is at its lowest level now, so it is the very good time to buy DUCATS.


  • Bonus. Secondly, there are not many days left to join our Token Sale and obtain up to 5% bonus. The Token Sale ends 30 June 2018, so don’t lose the opportunity to benefit from the purchase of our DUCAT Tokens.


  • Fast Capitalization. Thirdly, DUCATUR has already collected 687.5 ETH. That is more than the half of the Soft Capitalization. The investors are acting so fast that the sale may close sooner that the date expected.


  • Competitive advantages. In addition to the above mentioned, be the first among your rivals to apply our technology and benefit from it. DUCATUR will help reduce your operating costs, to obtain fair and genuine information and to get objective resolutions to any claims should a dispute arise.


  • Application spheres. DUCATUR technology is unique not only because it gives the connection between the off-chain world information and the chain-world, but because it is applicable for any field of business. Whether you need to use data for your bank smart-contract or to find genuine data for accurate information, or even find experts that will evaluate the quality of work performed by a freelancer, DUCATUR offers you the easiest and the most convenient platform to satisfy your needs.


Presently, DUCATUR is quite unique in what we offer. Industry experts, officials and businesses have recognised this and that is the reason why DUCATUR is in growing demand in the market. So, don’t hesitate, join us right now and make this journey to the new era of technological effectiveness and decentralization together with DUCATUR.

Join pre-TGE (Token Generation Event) now and get +10% bonus tokens!

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