First MultiChain Oracles Framework
Finally, a simple solution to connect blockchain and business.
Currently in development
  • Multichain Token
  • Adding support for Cardano
  • Crypto Oracles
  • Financial Oracles
  • Preparing an Oracles Hackathon
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  • Reputation Mechanism
  • Multiple Use-cases
  • Decentralized data with STOX
Ducatur to be Listed on Exchanges in Q3 of 2018
First MultiChain Token
Ducatur is a Multichain Oracle Framework. Oracles allow transferring data from the real world on to the blockchain. We leverage this technology into creating an easy solution to connect business to the blockchain and create an on-chain ecosystem of data-providers.
DUCATUR is the next big thing in the Business-Data-Blockchain Space
Ready-to-Use blockchain implementation
Data management on the blockchain
The Multichain Framework of Oracles
Ecosystem of on-chain Data Providers

Ducatur Ecosystem

Blockchain solves many problems. But implementing blockchain is a problem of it’s own. Especially in terms of Data Management off-chain and on-chain.
Connecting Business to the Blockchain
Our framework will provide companies with an easy solution to setup their connection with the blockchain. Moreover they choose which blockchain fits them the most.
Together these solutions create a Unity.
We first help businesses get on the blockchain and then give them the opportunity to connect to different data-providers already existing on the blockchain in our ecosystem.
The Ducat token is then used to by the companies to pay for Data and by the data-providers for staking in order to run their Oracles and Nodes.
Lack of Data-Providers on the Blockchain
Ducatur is creating an ecosystem of data-providers to increase the demand in our technology and token and create new sources of decentralized data.

Exponential growth of Smart-contracts

Take a look at the exponential growth of Smart-contracts on Ethereum. A big portion of these is used transact data across the blockchain. Ducatur will launch it’s network and become a part of this growth. As the demand for blockchain usage and more specifically data management on the blockchain grows Ducatur will provide the essential instruments and framework for businesses to use and create a decentralised ecosystem of data-providers through it’s Multichain Oracles Framework.
Contracts on ETH
The single biggest crypto innovation of 2018 will be working oracles. Oracles (the ability to bring info from outside a blockchain into a blockchain) are critical to a great many projects. Oracles exponentially increase the scope of what crypto can do.
Ari Paul
Competitive Advantage
We use ETH, NEO, EOS. Create oracles or dispute resolution mechanism for any situation with our SDK solutions
Multiple Industry
In a dispute, the expert arbitrator, decides, being, first, a neutral party, and second – motivated to make the right decision by reputation.
Tools for creating DACs.
Create new organizations – decentralized companies, where management occurs by users through smart contracts that work using Ducatur.
Qualitative & reliable data exchange
Data providers in the node are incentivized by reputation and payment in providing reliable information, so one can be sure of the data recieved.
Dispute arbitration
In a dispute, the expert arbitrator, decides, being, first, a neutral party, and second – motivated to make the right decision by reputation.
Market Enabler
Exciting potential for smaller businesses to enter “a market with a capitalization of 100billion$+”, that will be able to do so using our framework.
How does it work? An Example
This contract then connects to the off-chain Node. The Node then connects with the right Oracles - in this case exchanges that give the right BTC/USDT data. Which is then processed by the Node and sent back to the DMC and then the Smart Contract of the Company X.
After successful implementation of blockchain company X needs BTC/USDT data that is provided in the Ducatur ecosystem in a trustless decentralized fashion. Company X first sends a request and Ducat Tokens to the Ducatur Master Contract(DMC) that organizes the ecosystem. It then sends the request to the right Pool of Oracles Contract.
MVP on GitHub
A Trust-less Betting DApp - based on Decentralized Data from the top 10 exchanges
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Problem - You want to create a bet that is trustless. The bet will be about the future price of BTC/ETH and will close on a certain Date in the future.
The solution - Create a DApp that allows users to easily setup bets and deploy them in the Ethereum MainNet. Sourcing the data about the prices of BTC/ETH as averages from the top exchanges. We can imply that this data is “decentralized” and can be trusted.
Technical Solution - “User1” wants to create a bet. He inserts data about 1)the closing date of the bet - “X date” 2) The Cryptocurrency which is bet upon 3) The bet itself - predict that the price of set crypto will be “more ” or “less“ then the “set price”. That information is then sent to the Fabric Smart Contract that then creates the unique Smart Contract of the Bet. “User2” accesses the unique Smart Contract and makes a bet inside it.
When the closing date of the bet comes “X date” - the smart contract requests information from the top10 exchanges. This information is received outside of blockchain and processed to the average price, we also delete statistical outliers. The smart contract then closes the bet - delivering the earned cryptocurrency directly to the winner.

Road Map

Token Distribution

Total Supply DUCAT
Token Price
1 DUCAT = 0.000005ETH
Token Sale Caps
Soft Cap 1270 ETH
Hard Cap 15700 ETH
Ducat Swap Between EOS, NEO and ETH
The Ducatur Multichain Token was designed for interactions between the mulithcain environment for data transactions between off-chain data-providers and multiple blockchains. The DUCAT token perfectly fits this role, sustaining the same properties across ETH, EOS and NEO blockchains, also our multichain approach gives great agility to DUCATUR, allowing us to easily switch blockchains. The way it works is that there is always a fixed number of tokens on all the chains combined, this means the price of a token doesn’t correlate with the blockchain it is on. When a HODLer moves his 1000 DUCAT tokens from ETH to EOS for example, we burn the 1000 DUCAT token on ETH and issue 1000 new DUCAT tokens on EOS.


Our team has experience in developing and maintaining projects since 2007, and we know for sure what is becoming popular in the market right now - that's why we create DUCATUR: a product that will become a decentralized system and an epicenter of connection between the blockchain and the real world.
George Bell
CEO & Founder
Сo-founder of Crynet - one of the top agencies in the crypto sphere and has extensive experience with more than 20 ICO. Participated in the development of LAToken ($ 20,000,000) and Swissborg ($ 50,000,000). Possessing professional experience in the field of digital advertising and development of start-ups, George is the ICO market expert. Prior to ICOs he was leading his was active in the startup field.
Ivan Kocheshev
Since 2007, he has been developing SAP enterprise systems, developing internal system interfaces for companies such as IBM EE / A, Rosatom, Gazprom, Rosneft, Transneft, Alfa-Bank, SAP CIS, Severstal, is currently developing Atos A / S, Metinvest, BDO IT solutions.
Francis Leitao
IBM, Dynamic Limited, Sun Microsystems (Oracle), Pillar Project. Highly skilled and result driven Senior IT Professional with over 25 years of experience in with hardware, software and systems as well as Business knowledge, possesses several years of IT Project Management, ERP, Senior Consultancy, Cryptocurrencies and pre-sales experience in the Enterprise.
Suvi Rinkinen
Brand Manager
Suvi has extensive experience in Fintech, in Payments and Remittances industries working in Fincode, being responsible for bizdev, accounting and stakeholder management. She has also worked in communications, PR, and content marketing projects. Suvi holds a Master’s degree in linguistics from University of Helsinki.
Jacob Hyeon
Korea Tech Leader
With 34 papers, Phd graduated micro mechanical systems researcher. Since 2014, experienced a miner, a investor and a trader of cryptocurrencies in Korea. Skilled in MEMS fabrication, ICO analysis, token design and blockchain education with deep blockchain knowledge in terms of technique and business. Jacob leads his own crypto community in Seoul.
Mame Alan Suleimanov
Head of Investor Relations
Mame Alan is a serial IT-entrepreneur with a strong background in Blockchain. He has invested and attracted an investments for more than 17 businesses across 4 countries. Expert in the Middle East region. He has wide experience in working with capital and fund management.
Mikhail Shukshin
Senior Developer
Developing Frontend Applications since 2012. Such as Commerce solutions for OZON Holdings. Has created logistics and geologiocation systems in startups - Deliverator, Cargo Online, GoLamaGo, X5 Group. Mike is a vivid blockchain supporter and has started working with blockchain by creating dApps on ETH in 2017.
Anatoly Bardukov
5 years experience in full-stack development. Experienced in data-processing and big data. Has been in the blockchain for 2 years. In Ducatur he helps with an agile approach to quickly developing dApps on different blockchains. Massive Hackathon Pro, has been through more than 15 Hackathons as captain and dev leader.


Marek Lorinc
Principal at Rimon Capital Ltd
A SENIOR INTERNATIONAL FINANCIER with equity and debt origination, negotiation, structuring and execution expertise, leading complex projects involving corporate restructuring. Previously companies ING BARINGS, CREDIT SUISSE and European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
Wouter van Domselaar
Founder at Netidentity
I’m the Founder and CEO of Netidentity (founded in 2013), a full-service digital marketing company focused on SEO, web- and concept development. We have an excellent trackrecord and realized growth in sales and traffic for our clients the past two years. In this role I lead the companies overall management, overseeing and managing the team.
Pieter Plaizier
Senior Portfolio Manager Fixed Income Hypotheken
Backgrounds in Structured Finance, Securitisation, Risk Managment, Corporate Finance, Investments and Accounting.
Utpal Nath
InfoTech, Telecom, Digital and Blockchain - ICO
I have led assignments in the MENA region for Telecommunications and Technology Sales & Distribution, Marketing, Business Development with B2C, B2B2C and B2B general management, P&L & budgeting, product development and revenue management. My strength is also in identifying and capitalizing on emerging digital business ventures to propel to the top-tier of its industry.
John Domingue
Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University
Prof. John Domingue is the Director of the Knowledge Media Institute at The Open University. He has over 250 refereed articles in Semantics, Web & E-learning. He serves as: the OU representative to W3C; the Chair of the Steering Committee for the ESWC and as Project Coordinator for the European Data Science Academy. He has coordinated over 150 EU projects with a combined budget of over 500M Euros.
Member of IBM European Software Advisory Board
Bo is a seasoned Software Business Executive with 30 years of experience from the IT industry. He has co-founded several businesses within software solution development and served as a member of IBM European Software Advisory Board 2001- 2012. Currently serving as Blockchain Business Development Manager at the leading Nordic payments group Nets A/S.
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What is DUCATUR?
DUCATUR is a ready-made self-sufficient multi-chain ecosystem that unites experts (data sources) based on rating and provides tools for high-quality data exchange and for disputes resolution.
What problem does DUCATUR solve?
The DUCATUR framework solves the problem of missing of single data exchange solution, which makes it impossible to build a system of ratings and interactions between different oracles / data sources at the global level. We create a framework with single registry of all existing solutions and a unified reputation system, on the basis of which trust will be formed.
Who are the members of the DUCATUR Network?
There is an interaction between network clients who need to supply reliable data or resolve disputes and data provider experts, including APIs, or arbitrators within the DUCATUR Network.